A wonderful blessed time in praise and worship today !

Our special guest speaker Dr Isak Burger brought us a thought provoking word today :

'IT IS THE LORD' image1event.JPG

John 21:1-14

John said .... " It is The Lord " know the cue.

The disciples had already seen Jesus twice before but they never knew when they would see Him again.

Then He appeared for a 3rd time when they were out fishing and only John knew it was The Lord .

He appeared when they were in despair, they had fished all night for long hours then .... He sort them out....

So He commanded them to cast the net on to the right side ....

A fruitless disappointing night a hopeless attempt an irrational command then an abundance of fish !

Connect the dots, God was at work all the time just connect the dots, know the cue.

May we have the ability to identify the God moments in our lives as John did .... He knew  ' It was The Lord '

We need to be aware of God at work, take the cue, connect the dots and see all the God moments .

God's hand brings us through all things.

Let us open our eyes on our own shore of the seas of our lives and identify God at work in our lives.

May we not be like Peter who missed the moment not knowing it was the Lord. Like Martha who was too busy to sit at the Lord's feet, help us to take time to always identify all our God moments .

" It is the Lord" .... John said .

Date was 27.12.15